Mona EL Masry
School Director

School Director Message

Education reform is crucial for the progress of Our Homeland (الوطن) Being a firm believer in this notion, I perceive quality education as a central means in the definition of our identity, the recognition of our culture and traditions and a safeguard of our heritage and glorious history. GES Cairo, aims to promote values and attributes that qualify the learners to make a difference in the local and global society. We believe that the essence of education does not rely only on books studied or grades achieved but also on developing independent learners who are responsible for their own learning, who think and respect others views and can bring the change they believe in. We at GES Cairo are privileged to have the support of exemplary leaders in Education: Mrs Sawsan Dajani, Chairperson of Modern English School Cairo , Ms Ghada Dajani, Managing Director of Modern English School Cairo and Gulf English School Cairo, Mr. Mohamed El Sayegh, Chairman of the Board of Egyptian Education System and Mr. Peter Godfrey, Gulf English School Cairo Educational Consultant . With great pride, we announce the launching of GES Cairo in September 2018 and we are thrilled to welcome you to 'A Family of Learning '